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This is not a nation, it's the world. As long as the Newsvine Code of Honor and User Agreement are observed, all topics accepted and everyone welcome.

Whether you are a member or a visitor, if you see something going on in a discussion in this group that you feel is inappropriate and there is not an administrator on the discussion, then please email all or one of this group's administrators about it, via our columns:

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Please make sure to include a link to the comment(s) you are reporting.

Please remember that there are time zone differences and that we may not be on our computers at the same time as you. If after sending a message to one of us you have not received a response within 24 hours or if you believe the activity is so extreme that you cannot wait for one of us to contact you, then contact Newsvine staff about looking into it.

If you want to appeal one of our moderators' decisions, you have two options: 1 email one of the other administrators to ask that the group of us take a look at the situation and come to a decision or 2. email Newsvine staff to ask them to look into it.

If we collaborate this way, we can make sure that the Newsvine Code of Honor and User Agreement are respected in conversations on the 1. Public Discussion.

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